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Embird Cross Stitch 

This tutorial explains how to use Embird Cross Stitch plug-in. Cross Stitch plug-in is installed together with Embird 2004 (and later version), there is no special installation file available. However, you will have to purchase and register Cross Stitch plug-in separable from main Embird program at http://www.embird.net/sw/embird/register.htm, otherwise there is stitch limit for every design you create. After purchase and insertion of registration password, evaluation version turns into full version. No additional download or installation needed.

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Select "Insert" -> "Cross Stitch Design" menu (Picture No. 1).

Picture No. 1

Embird Tutorial - Embird Cross Stitch

3 - Cross Stitch plug-in will start and its window will appear on the screen (Picture No. 2). The screen is divided into 6 areas. Click on the following links to learn more about each area: Menu Bar, Main Toolbar, Design Toolbar, Color Palette Bar, Work Area, Status Bar.

Picture No. 2

Embird Tutorial - Embird Cross Stitch

4 - Use Cross Stitch tools to create the design: Put pixels into a grid, each pixel will be compiled into cross (Picture No. 3). You do not have to put manually each pixel into the grid - use the tools located on Design Toolbar at the left side of the screen.

Picture No. 3

Embird Tutorial - Embird Cross Stitch

5 -  When the design is ready, save your Cross Stitch project to hard disk. Use "File" -> "Save As" menu (Picture No. 4).

Picture No. 4

Embird Tutorial - Embird Cross Stitch

6 -  Compile your Cross Stitch project into stitches. Use "File" -> "Compile and Put into Embird Editor" menu (Picture No. 5).

Picture No. 5

Embird Tutorial - Embird Cross Stitch

7 -  The design will be put into Embird Editor. If you have saved your Cross Stitch project in step 4, Embird will automatically open the "Save As" dialog box in the Editor window, allowing you to save the design in desired embroidery format. Otherwise use "File" -> "Save As" menu to display the "Save As" dialog box (Picture No. 6).

Picture No. 6

Embird Tutorial - Embird Cross Stitch

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