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Embird Cross Stitch - Main Toolbar

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

Main Toolbar is located at the top of Cross Stitch window (Picture No. 1). Main Toolbar contains several buttons for some of the most common commands. Most of these commands are also accessible via File, Edit, Insert and View Menu.

1. Main Toolbar

Compile and put into Embird Editor

Compile Cross Stitch file into stitches and put the result into Embird Editor.


Create a new document. Use this command to clear the work area.


Open an existing Cross Stitch file.


Merge design into an open Cross Stitch file.


Save Cross Stitch file with its existing name.

Print Template

Prints active document.

Send in Attachment of E-mail

Send the active document through electronic mail.


Undo the most recent action.


Reverse the effect of the most recent Undo command.


Put the selected area of crosses on the Clipboard.


Copy the selected area of crosses to the Clipboard.


Insert the crosses from Clipboard to the work area.

Auto Repeat

Repeat selection.


Place selected objects in each of the 3 other hoop corners.

Mirror Horizontally

Mirror the selected area on horizontal axis.

Mirror Vertically

Mirror the selected area on vertical axis.

Rotate Left

Rotate the selected area of crosses to the left.

Rotate Right

Rotate the selected area of crosses to the right.

Set Size

Set size of selected area of crosses.


Center selection on both axes.

Center Horizontally

Center selection on horizontal axis.

Center Vertically

Center selection on vertical axis.

Sew Simulator

Simulate sewing of design at chosen speed.

3D Preview

Show 3D photorealistic preview of design.

Insert Simple Outline Text

Create simple lettering consisting of back stitch lines (outlines) only.

Insert Font Engine Text

Create lettering using TrueType and OpenType fonts installed in Windows.

Cloud Explorer

Open Cloud Explorer window, allowing to copy active document to cloud.

File Commander

Open File Commander window, allowing to copy active document to chosen location.

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