Embird Embroidery Software
Update 2021

Embird Cross Stitch - Status Bar

Status Bar is located at the bottom of the screen. It is divided to 5 areas:

The first area shows hints explaining how to use different controls in Cross Stitch. As you move the mouse pointer across the screen, the hints will change and show the actual information.

The second area contains the progress bar. When you choose "File > Compile and Put into Embird Editor" command, this bar will show the compilation status of Cross Stitch design.

The third area shows actual position of mouse cursor in the Work Area grid. It also contains information about number of thread strands (layers) used for crosses, back stitch lines and French knots which are lying under the mouse cursor.

The fourth area shows the number of crosses in your current Cross Stitch project.

The fifth area shows the size of your current Cross Stitch project and the number of colors it uses. The final size of design depends on the cross size setting, which you can change at Color Palette Bar.

1. Status Bar

Status Bar

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