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Update 2021

Send Files in Attachment of E-mail

This tutorial explains how to quickly compose an e-mail in Embird with design in attachment, including its automatically generated thumbnail and description.

1 - Run Embird.

2 - Select the designs which you want to send via e-mail in the "Files:" box at the right side of the screen (Picture No. 1). To select the designs, please move mouse pointer to the file name of the first design ("ROSE2.DST" in this example), depress the left mouse button and hold it down while moving the mouse pointer over the file names of the other designs. When the mouse pointer is over the last design ("ROSE6.DST" in this example), please release the left mouse button.

3 - Select "Right Panel > Internet > Send Files in Attachment of E-mail" menu, or click the button with envelope icon as shown in Picture No. 1, arrow 2.

1. Select files

Select files

4 - A dialog box will appear on the screen, allowing you to specify the recipient of e-mail (Picture No. 2, arrow 1). You can define ten preselections of the most frequently used e-mail addresses. In each preselection you can specify more addresses and separate them by comma, then the e-mail will be send to all these addresses at once. Note the list of "Files to Send", it contains selected files from step 1, which will be attached to the e-mail. Click the button with envelope icon to compose the e-mail to chosen address (arrow 4 in Picture No. 2).

Tip 1: Use the buttons in section 3 of Picture No. 2 to add/remove the items from the list of files which will be attached to the e-mail.

Tip 2: Switch ON the settings in section 4 of Picture No. 2 if you want to automatically re-size images (digital photos), send the attachment as single .ZIP archive, and include thumbnails and description of files being sent.

2. Send Files in Attachment of E-mail

Select "Right Panel > Internet > Send Files in Attachment of E-mail" menu

5 - Your default e-mail client application will be launched (Picture No. 3). The e-mail with attachment to chosen recipient(s) will be automatically composed. In this example, all six designs were zipped into single archive FILES_06_10_2017-19-12-28.zip. There are also several .jpg image files in attachment list - these are the thumbnail images of selected designs. The e-mail body contains description of selected designs.

6 - Complete in the text in e-mail body and click "Send" button.

3. Complete and send composed e-mail

Check composed e-mail, complete it and send it

7 - The design thumbnails are very usefull for recipient, because the content of the e-mail is immediately visible in the image (Picture No. 4)

4. Thumbnail images in e-mail attachment

Designs thumbnail images in e-mail - quick look at e-mail content

8 - It is possible to switch ON the option "Options > Settings > Automatically Send Files in Attachment of E-mails" in Manager menu (Picture No. 5) to automatically compose an e-mail to chosen address whenever a new design is being saved in Embird - e.g. after saving in Editor, or converting design in Manager.

Tip 3: Send such an e-mail to your own e-mail address, which is accesible via web (e.g to your account at gmail.com) and you will have your design file available on any device which has access to your email account. This way it is possible to build whole archive (and back-up) of your designs in your web e-mail box. The search capabilities of e-mail client program together with design description and thubmnail allow to quickly find the right design in your "online private archive".

5. Automatically Send Files in Attachment of E-mails

Option "Options > Settings > Automatically Send Files in Attachment of E-mails"

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