Embird Embroidery Software
Upgrade 2018

Save Pfaff Grand Dream Hoop Design, Save Viking Majestic Hoop Design

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Open the design, which you want to save for Pfaff Grand Dream Hoop. To open a design, click "File" menu and choose "Open" command. Please note, that you probably will have to split this design into two parts.

3 - Click the "Hoop Size" button, or select the "Options -> Hoop Size" menu (Picture No. 1).

Picture No. 1

Save Design

4 - Choose "Pfaff Grand Dream Hoop - Vertical" or "Pfaff Grand Dream Hoop - Horizontal" option (Picture No. 2). Typical position is vertical, with two overlapping sections. The horizontal position works the same way as the vertical does, just the parts are automatically rotated by -90 degrees when loading/saving from/to the hard disk. Confirm the hoop selection by clicking "OK" button.

Picture No. 2

Save Design

5 - You can see now, that the design exceeds the size of one of the two overlapping sections (red, green), which create the Pfaff Grand Dream Hoop. Therefore the design must be split into two parts (Picture No. 3). Use "Freehand Select Mode" button to select the stitches you want to cut out (separate). More information regarding splitting is available in Interactive Freehand Splitting tutorial.

Picture No. 3

Save Design

6 - Once you have selected the area you want to separate, it will be displayed in red color. Click "Split" button (or select the "Edit -> Split" menu) to split the design, this will separate the red selection (Picture No. 4).

Picture No. 4

Save Design

7 - You can see design parts (1 and 2) in the "Object Order Bar" at the right side of the screen (Picture No. 5). Each part now lies completely either in the left (red) or in the right (green) section of Pfaff Grand Dream Hoop.

Picture No. 5

Save Design

8 - Use "File -> Save As" command to save the whole design to a file on your disk. In the "Choose Format" dialog box choose the Pfaff .VIP or .VP3 format. In the second dialog box that appears on the screen you can choose the file name of the design being saved. If you choose Pfaff .VP3 format, Embird will save the both parts (i.e. both hoop sections) into a single .VP3 file. If you choose Pfaff .VIP format, each part will be stored in a separate file, and Embird will automatically add the "a" or "b" extension to the name you specify. This extension indicates the position in Pfaff Grand Dream Hoop. Position "a" is the right hoop section, position "b" is the left hoop section.

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