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Resizing with Density Adjustment (Advanced)

It this example, it will be shown how you can resize a design with density adjustment. Part of the design will be resized with retaining the original fill pattern, while the rest of the design will be re-filled with a new pattern. We want to resize the balloon design (Picture No. 1) to 150% of its original size. We would like to maintain the fill pattern for the upper part (cyan color), and all the other parts should be re-filled with a new pattern.

1. Balloon design

Balloon design

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Open the file you want to resize. Select the "File > Open" menu to open a file (Picture No. 2).

2. Open design

Open design

3 - Separate the upper cyan part of the balloon, which is the color no. 2 in this example. Move the mouse cursor to the color no. 2 in the "Object Order Bar" at the right side of the screen (arrow 1) and depress the right mouse button. A popup menu will appear on the screen (Picture No. 3). Select "Separate Color" command from this menu. The design will be split to three parts - stitches before color no. 2, stitches of color no. 2, and stitches after color no. 2. The second part will be selected, with a rectangle around it (Picture No. 4).

3. Separate 2nd color

Separate 2nd color

4 - Click "Set Size" button (arrow 1), or select "Edit > Set Size" menu (Picture No. 4). Specify the new relative size, in this example it is 150%, click the "Keep position" box to set this option to OFF (arrow 3) and then click the "Stitch Density" button (arrow 4).

4. Select "Edit > Set Size" menu

Select "Edit > Set Size" menu

5 - Set the "Adjust stitch density when resizing" and "Keep original fill pattern" options to ON (Picture No. 5). Then click "OK" button to confirm these settings and return to previous dialog box. Hit "OK" button in this dialog to resize the selected part.

5. Resizing settings

Resizing settings

6 - Select the two remaining parts of design (Picture No. 6).

Note: A quick method to select several designs is to left click on the first design, then while holding down the Shift key, left mouse click on another design to add it to the selection. You can click on a design within the design screen or click a design icon on the "Objects Order Bar" (right side of the screen).

6. Select two remaining parts

Select two remaining parts

7 - Repeat the steps 4 and 5, but in the "Stitch Density" dialog box set the "Keep original fill pattern" option to OFF (arrow 1) and choose "Fill 1" (arrow 2) as the new pattern (Picture No. 7).

7. Choose new fill pattern - Fill 1

Choose new fill pattern - Fill 1

8 - Finally, select "File > Save As" menu to save the new resized design to your hard disk. You do not need to join the three parts before saving, it will be done automatically during the saving process. The result of resizing can be seen in Picture No. 8. The upper part has the same pattern as the original design, all the other parts are re-filled with a new pattern - compare this picture with Picture no. 1 above.

Picture No. 8

Embird Tutorial - Resizing with Density Adjustment (Advanced)

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