Embird Embroidery Software
Upgrade 2018

Resizing with Density Adjustment 

(Prescribe Stitch Count)

The following tutorial explains how to resize a design with density adjustment and prescribe the approximate number of stitches in the final design.

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Open the file you want to resize. Select the "File -> Open" menu to open a file (Picture No. 1).

Picture No. 1


3 - Click "Options -> Stitch Density" menu, this will display the "Stitch Density" dialog box on the screen (Picture No. 2). Set the "Calculate stitch density automatically to obtain prescribed stitch count" option to ON and click "OK" button to confirm these settings.

Picture No. 2


4 - Click "Edit -> Set Size" menu to change the dimensions of the design. The "Set Size" dialog box will appear on the screen. In this example the design is going to be enlarged to 150% of its original size, so change the relative width and height of the design to 150% (Picture No.3). Click "OK" button to continue.

Picture No. 3


5 - Embird will resize the design and display the dialog box, in which you can prescribe the stitch count of enlarged design (Picture No.4). The current values of the "Column stitches density" and "Fill stitches density" settings (see the "Stitch Density" dialog box in Picture No. 2 above) would lead to a design with 14358 stitches. However, you can prescribe e.g. 13000 stitches for the final design (Picture No. 5). Type in the "13000" number and click "OK" button to continue.

Picture No. 4


Picture No. 5


6 - Embird will automatically adjust the density of filled areas and columns to reach the prescribed stitch count (Picture No. 6). The number of stitches in the enlarged design is 12971, i.e. it is approximately 13000 as prescribed in step 5.

Picture No. 6


7 - Finally, select "File -> Save As" menu to save the resized design to your hard disk.

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