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Upgrade 2020

Quick Registration with PIN in Embird 2020

This tutorial explains how to quickly enter the registration passwords into Embird, so that it stops to expire and turns from evaluation (demo) version into full version. It is supposed that you already have received an e-mail from us with PIN for quick registration. The following steps explain what to do with this PIN.

Note: Other ways of inserting passwords into Embird are possible: Either to use the PASSWORD.KLC file as explained in Inserting Registration Password from PASSWORD.KLC file, or to use the text version of password as explained in Inserting and Removing Embird Password.

1 - Run your e-mail client application and open the e-mail with passwords which you have received from us after paying for Embird registration at https://www.embird.net/sw/embird/register.htm. Typically, you would receive two e-mails, containing different forms of password. Find "Quick registration" section and write down your e-mail address and PIN pair (Picture No. 1).

1. Open e-mail with PIN

Open e-mail with PIN

2 - Run Embird and select "Help > Registration" command from the main menu (Picture No. 2).

2. Select "Help > Registration" menu

Select "Help > Registration" menu

3 - A dialog box will appear on the screen (Picture No. 3). There are two boxes for entering e-mail address and PIN.

Note: If you prefer old way of inserting password click button "I have Password, no PIN!".

3. A dialog box for entering password

A dialog box for entering password

4 - Type in the e-mail address and PIN. Then click "Register" button to continue (Picture No. 4).

4. Type in e-mail address and PIN

Type in e-mail address and PIN

5 - Embird will check the password. Wait several seconds until the password validation process is finished (Picture No. 5).

5. Wait several second

Wait several second

6 - If successful, the Activation process will follow (Picture No. 6).

6. Activation of registered copy

Activation of registered copy

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