Embird Embroidery Software
Upgrade 2018

Text Arching

In this tutorial you will find out how to arch the text created using Alphabets or Font Engine plug-in:

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Select "Insert -> Font Engine Text" menu (Picture No. 1).

Picture No. 1

Insert Font Engine text

3 - Font Engine dialog box will appear on the screen (Picture No. 2). In the "Fonts" box you can choose the font which will be used for characters. After choosing the font, you can type your text into the "Text" box at the bottom of the "Insert" tab.

Picture No. 2

Type the text

4 - Click the "Properties" tab to change the size, fill type, outline type, and other properties of lettering (Picture No. 3). If you want to change more fill and outline parameters, click "Parameters" button.

Picture No. 3

Select the Properties tab

5 - Click "Layout" tab to change the layout parameters of the lettering. After choosing the "Layout" tab, change the baseline type in the "Baseline" box from "Line" to "Circle". The lettering is placed at the left side of the circle (Picture No. 4).

Picture No. 4

Choose the Layout

6 - Uncheck the "Keep Ratio" box to change the baseline shape from circle to ellipse. Then you can set the "Width" and "Height" of the ellipse. Use the "Start point" scroll bar to move the text along the ellipse boundary (Picture No. 5).

Picture No. 5

 Move the text around the ellipse

7 - If you want to place the text to the other side of ellipse click the "Place on the other side" box (Picture No. 6).

Picture No. 6

 Place text on the other side

8 - Use the "Start point" scroll bar again to move the text to its final position (Picture No. 7).

Picture No. 7

Move text to its final position

9 - Use the "arrow" buttons in the red frame to expand the gaps between the characters (Picture No. 8).

Picture No. 8

 Adjust gaps between the characters

10 - Finally, click "OK" button to create the lettering and insert it into Editor window (Picture No. 9).

Picture No. 9

 Finish the text

11 - Use "File -> Save As" command to save the whole design to a file on your disk. Specify the format and the file name of the new design in the dialog boxes which appear on the screen.

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