Embird Embroidery Software
Update 2021


Embird Embroidery Software

Embird New Embird License (Basic Program)

The fee for a new registration is US $149.

Registration fee covers one license of basic Embird program. However, it does not cover registration of Embird plug-ins. Payment should be performed on-line with credit card or PayPal. We will e-mail you your registration password within one working day after approval of your payment. Registration password will turn your demo into fully-functioning version without further limitation. If you prefer other way of payment please e-mail to: embird@embird.net

How many passwords (licenses) do I need? Instructions

Plug-in modules

Plug-ins are extra features which may or may not be added after registration of basic Embird program. Therefore, price of plug-ins is not included in the basic Embird registration fee. Plug-ins must be paid and registered separately from the main Embird program. The use of unregistered plug-in is limited.

Embird Studio Studio - Digitizing Tools  US $150

Embird Studio - Sfumato Stitch Studio - Sfumato Stitch  US $90

Embird Cross Stitch Cross Stitch  US $75

Embird Font Engine Font Engine  US $145

Embird Alphabets Pre-digitized Alphabets  US $15 each

Embird Iconizer Iconizer  US $20