Embird Embroidery Software
Update 2021


Digitizing plug-in for Embird Embroidery Software

Vector outlines filled with stitches

While basic Embird program works mostly with stitch files, Studio uses vector objects for easier creation of design. The main concept of digitizing in Studio is to draw vector outlines of respective objects and fill them with various types of stitches in a similar way as you fill object with color in a graphic program.

Studio contains two parts, each of them is optional

Sfumato Stitch

Sfumato Stitch US $ 90 Register

Photos to embroidery. Portraits, landscapes, etc. Fill stitches are generated so that they approximate the photo.

Digitizing Tools

Digitizing Tools US $ 150 Register

Digitizing of logos and fancy designs, lettering, auto-tracing, freehand, conversion of vector files into embroidery.

Studio is an optional plug-in program for Embird embroidery software.