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Background Filters

Background filters affect the way the background (hoop or imported image) is displayed behind the digitized design. Characteristics such as Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, colors Saturation and balance can be adjusted, as well as grid spacing, color and subdivisions.

In contrast to graphics programs where the main meaning of filters is to enhance the look of an image, filters in Studio are intended for dimming, darkening, brightening or other adjustment of image so that its colors do not interfere with stitches and objects drawn on top of the background image. All these parameters are saved with design into one file.

Gamma parameter changes brightness mostly of dark colors and it does not affect absolute black and white. It is useful for too dark or too bright scans and photos.

The Cyan-Red, Magenta-Green and Yellow-Blue controls affect the color balance of the background. Use them to change an image to a certain shade (blue, for example) to separate image from digitized objects. The resulting contrast makes it easier to distinguish between the background and digitized objects.

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