Embird Embroidery Software
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How to Start with Embird

Step 1 - Downloading Embird

1 - Run your internet browser and open the download page of Embird software (http://www.embird.net/sw/embird/down.htm).

2 - When this page is loaded, click the bold underlined text "Embird" to download installation files of Embird to your computer (Picture no. 1).

Picture No. 1

Embird Tutorial - How to Start with Embird

3 - Wait until the downloading process is finished.

4 - Check the size of downloaded installation file on your hard disk to find out whether this file is complete. The amount of bytes of the downloaded installation file must be exactly the same as it is declared on our download web site (see Picture No. 1 above, 9 589 760 bytes in this example). You can check the file size in Windows Explorer - find more details about this topic in your Windows User Manual.

Warning: Most problems with downloading are caused by premature termination of download process. When the downloading lasts too long, the process might be interrupted. The downloaded installation file is incomplete and cannot be used. Unfortunately, some internet browsers do not delete these incomplete files, nor display any error message, and users consider the file to be complete. Therefore, we strongly recommend you use a download manager offering more sophisticated downloading and capable of continuing with downloading even after interruption. One such software is GetRightŪ software; a free, fully functional demo available at http://www.getright.com.

Note: Sometimes we offer for downloading not only the "regular" version of program, but also the "beta" version of program. The beta version is version in the development. Use this version in case that you want to test the new functions. Beta version is intended for skilled users of Embird, not for beginners. By its very nature, beta software may contain bugs and have errors or incomplete features that may have a detrimental effect on the software program itself, upon the files on your computer and/or upon your computer.

Step 2 - Embird Installation

5 - To install Embird on your computer run the saved installation file in Windows: Select Start > Run -> Browse -> browse to the folder with downloaded installation file of Embird and select this file, then click "OK" button to continue.

6 - The installation process will start and the Embird setup window will appear on the screen. Follow the steps displayed in this window to install Embird on your computer.

7 - When the installation process is finished, the "Installation was successful" message will appear on the screen and the icon for launching of Embird will appear on your desktop.

Step 3 - Testing Embird

8 - Unless you have already inserted the password into Embird, it will run in demo (evaluation) mode. Demo of Embird is fully functional 30 days or 100 runs, whatever comes first. You have a lot of time to find out whether Embird meets all your needs or not.After this period, you will have to insert the registration password into Embird to turn it into full version, otherwise the demo will expire.

Embird tutorials are available at http://www.embird.net/sw/embird/tutorial.htm

The manual of Embird in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format are available for free downloading at http://www.embird.net/sw/embird/down.htm

Free tutorial plug-ins for Embird are available at http://www.embird.net/sw/embird/down.htm

You can test all features Embird also when the demo is expired (i.e. after 30 days or 100 runs after installation), but only with our free designs stored in the "C:\Program Files\EMBIRD32\FILES" folder (or in "C:\EMBIRD32\FILES" folder if you are using version prior to Embird 2006) on your hard disk.

Step 4 - Testing Embird Plug-ins

9 - Use similar steps as explained in sections 1 and 2 above to download and install Embird plug-ins (Alphabets, Digitizing Studio). Alphabets can be downloaded in all-in-one installation file (containing all available alphabets), or each Alphabet separately.

Note 1: Installation files of Embird include also installation of Iconizer, Cross Stitch and Font Engine plug-ins. There are no separate installation files for these plug-ins available, because these plug-ins are installed at the same time as Embird main program.

Note 2: Installation file of Studio includes  installation of Digitizing Tools plug-in and Sfumato Stitch plug-in. Demo of Embird plug-ins are not limited by time period or number of runs, but their function is limited:

Demo versions of all Embird plug-ins are functional also with demo version of Embird basic software. In other words, it is not necessary to register Embird basic software to test the plug-ins.

Step 5 - Registration of Embird and its Plug-ins

Please be sure before registration that you tested Embird and its plug-ins and you have found out that they meet your needs. Be aware that there is no refund on registered Embird and/or plug-ins.

You will receive the passwords in e-mail after purchasing Embird and/or plug-ins at http://www.embird.net/sw/embird/register.htm within one working day.

Note: There are no special installation files for registered users. Demo (evaluation) version of main program and plug-ins will change into the full versions after inserting the registration password. In other words, there is only single installation file for Embird, which runs in demo mode until you insert the passwords and unlock it for running in full mode.

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